Astoria LASIK Surgery & Eye Care offers NYC the very best LASIK vision correction and eye surgery in the New York metropolitan area.

LASIK Laser Vision Correction Bronx Brooklyn Long Island ManhattanThe LASIK (laser vision correction) procedure has become the most widely performed and accepted surgery since it completed US clinical trials in 1999. LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure and it is widely believed to be the best option available today. In one survey, 93% of patients who underwent the LASIK procedure were able to see at least 20/20 or better.

The Astoria LASIK Surgery & Eye Care at AMDLC offers this life-changing procedure, which has given the gift of sight to millions. Our state-of-the-art surgery facility is equipped with the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser and the Ziemer FEMTO LDV offering bladeless laser vision correction procedure at its best. Both of these lasers are built for shortened surgery times, advanced performance and superb outcomes. Thanks to this innovative equipment, Astoria LASIK Surgery & Eye Care is on the cutting edge of laser technology.

Choosing Astoria LASIK Surgery & Eye Care for your vision correction procedure gives you the comfort of knowing that you’ll be treated with the most up-to-date bladeless equipment and the best LASIK surgeons and staff available in laser vision correction.

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We also provide free parking and free car service for LASIK patients in the New York region including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island.

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Phil Calenda, M.D.

Lasik Surgeon and Ophthalmologist
Board Certified specializing in Ophthalmology, Cataract & LASIK Surgery and Dry Eye

Dr. Calenda is one of the area's most accomplished ophthalmologists and LASIK surgeons having performed over 9,000 LASIK procedures. He has served as a Medical & Surgical Director for multiple LASIK centers, where he trained technicians and optometrists in providing the best care possible to his LASIK patients. He taught ophthalmologists in training at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, where he serves as a member of the Ocular Trauma Service. Dr. Calenda received his undergraduate degree Magna Cum Laude from Fordham University, his MD from SUNY Stony Brook Health Sciences Center and completed his Residency and Internship at St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center in NYC. Dr. Calenda has dozens of LASIK certifications, including the following:

• Hansatome Microkeratome
• XP Microkeratome
• VISX Star 4 Excimer Laser with IR Registration
• VISX CustomVue Treatments
• Intralase 60 Hz Femtosecond Laser
• LADARVISION 4000 Excimer Laser
• LADARVISION 4000 CustomCornea Treatments
• Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217Z Excimer Laser
• Bausch & Lomb Technolas Zyoptix Treatments
• Allegretto Wavelight Wavefront Optimized Excimer Laser, 400 Hz
• Zeimer LDV Femtosecond Laser

Luana Menezes, O.D.

Doctor of Optometry
Refractive Surgical Care, Occular Disease, Pediatrics and Vision Therapy

Dr. Luana Menezes graduated Magna Cum Laude from State University of New York, at Buffalo receiving her undergraduate degree in Neuro-Psychology. She received her Doctor of Optometry Degree from State University of New York, College of Optometry. Dr. Menezes is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and local & national Optometric Associations.

Dr. Menezes fulfilled her clinical rotations through Brooklyn Veterans Medical Center, Woodhull Medical Center and The Laser Eye Institute where she gained great experience in collaborative refractive surgical care.

Dr. Menezes always emphasizes that deciding on Laser Vision Correction is a big and important step in a patient’s life and as the provider of Pre and Post operative care at our facility she provides our patients with a warm and inviting environment.

Besides her role in our refractive surgical care, Dr. Menezes is also an expert in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy and well experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases.

Chaneyra Cruz, CST

Surgical and LASIK Technician

Ms. Cruz is a certified Surgical Technologist, EKG Technologist and Certified Phlebotomist. She served as a surgical Tech at various medical centers, including Labor & Delivery at Well Star Hospital, Atlanta Medical Center and the #1 Trauma Hospital in Atlanta, Grady Health System. Taking a break from Trauma and Births, Chaneyra is excited to be on the cutting edge of LASIK technology in our state of the art LASIK suite. Chaneyra is certified on the Allegretto Wavelight Wavefront Optimized Excimer Laser and the Zeimer LDV Femtosecond Laser.

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Astoria Medical"I have worn contact lenses or glasses for the last 15 years of my life. I have always wanted to get lasik surgery due to the fact that I was basically blind (-7.5 in both eyes) without my contacts. I stumbled upon Astoria Lasik and couldn’t be any happier that I did. From the receptionists to the doctors, the staff is unbelievably friendly, helpful and reassuring; attributes that are invaluable when you are having a procedure done on your eyes. I never once had a problem with reaching Dr. Menezes so that she could answer any one of my numerous, sometimes repetitive, questions.

About 2 months after the surgery I am still 20/20, I cannot describe what that feels like. This was the best money I have ever spent in my life and I'm happy I did it here at Astoria Lasik. I went for consultations at other offices within Manhattan and they didn’t come close to the level of customer service I received here.

Dr. Calenda and Dr. Menezes were both incredible. They both pay close attention to every detail involved, including Dr. Calenda giving you a quiz prior to surgery so that he is 100% sure he is using the correct specification."
Matt B., New York, NY

Astoria Medical"I've been putting off Lasik surgery for years because I was just too afraid to do it. I did a consultation with Dr. Menezes and she curbed a lot of my fears and concerns. Of course, those thoughts didn’t go away completely, after all its our eyes we're talking about here! She answered all of my questions and then some. Went step by step with what I needed to do to prep for the surgery, went step by step with what was going to happen during the surgery, and went step by step with post surgery procedures as well. She sent me home with material to read over so that I could be well-educated. The more you know about something, the less apprehension. My surgery was scheduled in 2 weeks for Feb 9. Dr. Calenda is the doc that actually does the Lasik surgery. He felt my nervousness and was very gentle and detailed. He went into even more detail as to what will happen in the surgery. And from what I remember, he had a very mellow voice as he talked me through the procedure. He would say stuff like "you're going to feel pressure on your eye. Just stare at the green light. Don’t blink, you’re doing just fine. Ok, you’re half way there. Ok, 3/4 of the way there. Ok, you are done. Good job." Let me tell you, his mellow voice and knowledge put me at ease. As much ease as you can get when you're doing a big thing like this. Anyway, Ever since then, my life has improved! No more contacts or glasses, no cleaning them every night, no nothing. I am done with them for good! Thank the Lord!! 20+ years of doing that..I don't miss it at all. I went from -6.5 in both eyes and I’m 20/20 now and I feel like the shackles have come off!

If you’ve been thinking about doing Lasik - do it!! I had all the same concerns as everyone else - too afraid, too this, too that. This is wayyy worth it! And to do it at a top notch facility with the latest technology and super clean building - even better.

A+ for Dr. Menezes and Dr. Calenda!! A+ for Kenya and Chachi!! All professional, yet very personable, sweet and accommodating! I’m recommending everyone I know to them."
Caroline S., New York, NY

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