Things To Know Before Lasik Surgery: Pricing Information

We’ll continue our “Things To Know Before Lasik Surgery” series  with the questions and answers related to the financial costs of Lasik surgery.

Q: If during the initial consultation, it is determined that one type of Lasik procedure is recommended over another, is there a difference in price between the two?

AMDLC: There is no difference in price between the two procedures. We offer the different procedures so we have the flexibility to treat various eye conditions more effectively.

Q: Is there an additional per-eye cost for bladeless?

AMDLC: No. The cost of Lasik Surgery covers both eyes. We only offer bladeless Lasik Surgery at AMDLC.

Q: If I’m not a candidate for the procedure, would I receive a full refund?

AMDLC: Yes. If you are not a candidate for the procedure and you purchased a deal upfront, you would receive a full refund. No worries.

Q: Do the upfront cost of the Lasik Surgery cover post-operative care?

AMDLC: Yes. The cost of Lasik surgery covers all post-operative care, which include your 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year follow up appointments.

Q: Is pricing determined by prescription? My eyesight is about -7.00 in both eyes. I once went somewhere else for a consultation and was told that I was a good candidate, but I was also told that the price was dependent on how bad my vision was and that the advertised price at that time was only for people with a -1.00 or -1.50 eyesight and I had to pay much more because more of my cornea had to be removed. Is the price the same for me?

AMDLC: Our price is irrespective of prescription and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

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